The Great South Bay Project

Buoy #1 - Real Time Data

GSB Buoy #1
40o43.2187' N Latitude, 73o 05.6042' W Longitude

The buoy was brought to the West Sayville Marina to protect it from ice on December 17th, was returned to SoMAS for new batteries and refurbishment on March 20th, back in the water on April 6th and was redeployed in its usual location on April 19th.

Date: 06-29-2016
Time: 10:30:00 GMT
Air Temperature: 21.57 oC ( 70.83 oF) Air Temp/Hum plot
Humidity: 91 %
PAR: 133.3 µEinsteins/m2sec PAR plot
Wind Speed: 4.53 knots Wind plot
Wind Direction: from the WSW (257 o)
Wind Gust: 6.94 knots
Water Temperature: 23.72 oC ( 74.70 oF) Temp/Sal plot
Salinity: 27.870 PSU
Chlorophyll: 4.31 µgrams/liter Chloro/Turb plot
Turbidity: 2.90 NTU


Thanks to Mark DeAngelis and the West Sayville Boat Basin for their
assistance in launching the buoy and keeping the system going.

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