The Great South Bay Project

Buoy #1 - Real Time Data

GSB Buoy #1
40o 41.9538' N Latitude, 73o 05.2032' W Longitude


Thanks to Mark DeAngelis and the West Sayville Boat Basin for their
assistance in launching the buoy and keeping the system going.
Date: 12-02-2015
Time: 01:00:00 GMT
Air Temperature: 8.70 oC ( 47.66 oF) Air Temp/Hum plot
Humidity: 96 %
PAR: -0.0 µEinsteins/m2sec PAR plot
Wind Speed: 9.87 knots Wind plot
Wind Direction: from the NE (052 o)
Wind Gust: 13.30 knots
Water Temperature: 7.69 oC ( 45.85 oF) Temp/Sal plot
Salinity: 27.835 PSU
Chlorophyll: 1.32 µgrams/liter Chloro/Turb plot
Turbidity: 4.83 NTU

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