The Great South Bay Project

Buoy #1 - Real Time Data

GSB Buoy #1
40o 41.924' N Latitude, 73o 05.211' W Longitude

Notice: The Great South Bay meteorlogical and oceanographic buoy was carried off station by ice and ceased telemetering data on January 25th. The ice has subsequently carried the buoy all the way to the vicinity of the New Inlet where it was dropped in shallow waters. The buoy was retrieved on March 20, 2014 through the efforts of the National Park Service and Walter Martens. The damage from the ice was rather extensive and it will take a month or more to rebuild all the instrumentation. With luck, we should be back in business sometime in late May.

Thanks to Mark DeAngelis and the West Sayville Boat Basin for their assistance in keeping the buoy system going.


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