The Great South Bay Project

Smith Point - Real Time Data

South Tower on Smith Point Bridge with meteorological mast
South Tower Smith Point Bridge
Smith Point Long and Short Wave radiometers
Smith Point Radiometers

The wireless link to the radiometers was knocked out by
lightening May 18, 2010.  Awaiting replacement equipment.

Short Wave Radiation:
Long Wave Radiation:
Date/Time: 07-06-2017 14:30:00 GMT (07-06-2017 9:30:00 EST)
Sea Level: 99.999 m (****** ft) Sea Level
Date/Time: 05-13-2021 18:34:02 GMT (05-13-2021 13:34:02 EST)
Water Temperature: 14.91 oC ( 58.84 oF) SPRT TS
Salinity: 27.050 PSU


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