SoMAS Ocean Glider Program

Cruise SBU02-3

Deployed on Aug 3, 2023 about 5 miles south of Fire Island Inlet from the TowBoatUS out of Bayshore at 40o 27.957', 73o20.772'
Mission started on Aug 3, 2023 at 1646 GMT
Glider was recovered on August 24 at 15:30 GMT at 39o 20.858',  74o 10.286' by a crew from Rutgers and
the help of SeaTow Atlantic City.

On August 3 the first of the NYSERDA launch using a Stony Brook glider, SBU02, took place about 10 miles south of Fire Island Inlet with the held of TowBoatUS Bayshore.  This cruise's primary purpose is to monitor marine mammal presence in the vicinity of the planned offshore wind farms.  As a result, the cruise has a meandering path to the southwest ending up off Little Egg Inlet/Atlantic City where Rutgers' glider crew will retrieve it.  The glider was retrieved on August 24th.

Webpage with near realtime data plots

Matfile with post cruise data