Retrieve cruise oc301 data from ADCP database

You can retrieve data directly from the globec database by filling out the following form. The data retrieved are either .mat file or plain ASCII file, depending on your needs. The output data include yearday, lon, lat, depth(m), u(m/s), v(m/s), backscatter intensity and estimated zooplankton biomass

Cruise date:
You MUST specify time range and depth range:

Time range: Begining time (Example==>1995/10/21 10:24:30) Ending time Time interval(min) (>= 5 min)

Depth range: (Min depth >= 13 m for shallow water (<50 m) and >= 22 m for deep water (>= 50 m) Minimum depth(m) OR How many layers (nlayer) Maximum depth(m) Layer boundaries (nlayer+1) (example==>20 50 100 200 400 for 4 layers) Depth interval(m)

You can also specify positions as follows (optional). In this case time range and the specified lat, lon minimums and intervals are combined to determine the search range. The time interval is disabled in this case.

Position range: Minimum latitude Latitude interval Minimum longitude Longitude interval ASCII file or .mat file? ascii file .mat file