OMP time series data are stored in flat ASCII files with simple headers. Users can retrieve data online by specifying the time ranges desired. Below is a list of variable names and their units.

OMP Time Series Variables


Date/Time      Sample time as YY MO DD HH MM SS        UTC
Jday           Sample time as days since 1 January,    days
               1970 00:00 UTC
East           East component of velocity              cm/sec
North          North component of velocity             cm/sec
Temp           Temperature - degrees                   C
Salt           Salinity - PS78                         psu
Press          Pressure - absolute                     dbar
Int            Acoustic backscatter intensity          dB
Biomass        Estimated biomass                       mg/m3
Adapt          Temperature at ADCP - degrees           C
Oxygen         Dissolved oxygen concentration          umole/kg
O2 sat         Dissolved oxygen saturation             percent
Fluoro         Fluorometric chlorophyll                ug/l
Trans          Transmissometer light transmission      1/meter
Light          PAR - photosynthetic active radiation   umole/m2/sec

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